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Heat Shock


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Photo of the Nannospalax galili
tax_id org_id Genome name
1026970 ngi Nannospalax galili

Superkingdom Kingdom Pylum Subpylum Class Order_tax Family Genus Species
Eukaryota Metazoa Chordata Craniata Mammalia Rodentia Spalacidae Nannospalax galili

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Common for Nannospalax galili Heat shock genes Hypoxia genes

Total record(s): 28249

ChiPPI Gene symbol Strand Chromo-
Protein ID,
Genomic position KEGG
start end
Znf70 +?XP_017655494.1185102186427 zinc finger protein 70
Znf703 -?XP_008845826.1213955216583 zinc finger protein 703
Znf704 -?XP_008824306.138042594018562 zinc finger protein 704
Znf706 -?XP_008829784.143249674327135 zinc finger protein 706
Znf707 -?XP_008832730.112224931236786