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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistics of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)10
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins1 (10.00 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors3 (30.00 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)25 (55.56 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs9 (36.00 %)
PPI diameter2
PPI radius1
The average degree of PPI3.800
Assortativity coefficient-0.5219
The network average Clustering coefficient0.578
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients1 (10.00 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality3 (30.00 %)


List of active interactors

Domain structure
Type Number
of PPI (degree)
Domains (Pfam ID): description
user protein, oncogene90.27838.667RhoGEF (PF00621): RhoGEF domain
PH_10 (PF15411): Pleckstrin homology domain
PH (PF00169): PH domain
C2 (PF00168): C2 domain
Tox-PL-2 (PF15643): Papain fold toxin 2
RhoGAP (PF00620): RhoGAP domain
interactor50.5002.333APP_N (PF02177): Amyloid A4 N-terminal heparin-binding
APP_Cu_bd (PF12924): Copper-binding of amyloid precursor, CuBD
SDA1 (PF05285): SDA1
YtxH (PF12732): YtxH-like protein
Kunitz_BPTI (PF00014): Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain
APP_E2 (PF12925): E2 domain of amyloid precursor protein
Beta-APP (PF03494): Beta-amyloid peptide (beta-APP)
APP_amyloid (PF10515): beta-amyloid precursor protein C-terminus
interactor50.6671.333Pkinase (PF00069): Protein kinase domain
oncogene, tumor suppressor30.6670.667CDI (PF02234): Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor
interactor40.5002.667AATF-Che1 (PF13339): Apoptosis antagonizing transcription factor
Rootletin (PF15035): Ciliary rootlet component, centrosome cohesion
FlaC_arch (PF05377): Flagella accessory protein C (FlaC)
Alanine_zipper (PF11839): Alanine-zipper, major outer membrane lipoprotein
DUF4404 (PF14357): Domain of unknown function (DUF4404)
APG6 (PF04111): Autophagy protein Apg6
DUF724 (PF05266): Protein of unknown function (DUF724)
CENP-F_leu_zip (PF10473): Leucine-rich repeats of kinetochore protein Cenp-F/LEK1
DUF3584 (PF12128): Protein of unknown function (DUF3584)
Cnn_1N (PF07989): Centrosomin N-terminal motif 1
HIP1_clath_bdg (PF16515): Clathrin-binding domain of Huntingtin-interacting protein 1
Fib_alpha (PF08702): Fibrinogen alpha/beta chain family
DUF4472 (PF14739): Domain of unknown function (DUF4472)
Med9 (PF07544): RNA polymerase II transcription mediator complex subunit 9
ATG16 (PF08614): Autophagy protein 16 (ATG16)
HAUS-augmin3 (PF14932): HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 3
DUF1664 (PF07889): Protein of unknown function (DUF1664)
Pox_A_type_inc (PF04508): Viral A-type inclusion protein repeat
TPR_MLP1_2 (PF07926): TPR/MLP1/MLP2-like protein
SlyX (PF04102): SlyX
Spc7 (PF08317): Spc7 kinetochore protein
Reo_sigmaC (PF04582): Reovirus sigma C capsid protein
DUF2407_C (PF13373): DUF2407 C-terminal domain
CP12 (PF02672): CP12 domain
DUF641 (PF04859): Plant protein of unknown function (DUF641)
Bacillus_HBL (PF05791): Bacillus haemolytic enterotoxin (HBL)
PKcGMP_CC (PF16808): Coiled-coil N-terminus of cGMP-dependent protein kinase
Fez1 (PF06818): Fez1
DUF630 (PF04783): Protein of unknown function (DUF630)
oncogene, tumor suppressor21.0000PTCB-BRCT (PF12738): twin BRCT domain
BRCT (PF00533): BRCA1 C Terminus (BRCT) domain
PGBA_C (PF15437): Plasminogen-binding protein pgbA C-terminal
RhoGEF (PF00621): RhoGEF domain
oncogene200LRR_8 (PF13855): Leucine rich repeat
LRR_4 (PF12799): Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
Neur_chan_memb (PF02932): Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel transmembrane region
PDZ (PF00595): PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF)
interactor50.6671.667CENP-B_dimeris (PF09026): Centromere protein B dimerisation domain
RCC1 (PF00415): Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) repeat
RCC1_2 (PF13540): Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) repeat
Cyt-b5 (PF00173): Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
MIB_HERC2 (PF06701): Mib_herc2
Cul7 (PF11515): Mouse development and cellular proliferation protein Cullin-7
ZZ (PF00569): Zinc finger, ZZ type
zf-UBR (PF02207): Putative zinc finger in N-recognin (UBR box)
ANAPC10 (PF03256): Anaphase-promoting complex, subunit 10 (APC10)
Med3 (PF11593): Mediator complex subunit 3 fungal
HECT (PF00632): HECT-domain (ubiquitin-transferase)
interactor31.0000Tap-RNA_bind (PF09162): Tap, RNA-binding
LRR_8 (PF13855): Leucine rich repeat
NTF2 (PF02136): Nuclear transport factor 2 (NTF2) domain
TAP_C (PF03943): TAP C-terminal domain
tumor suppressor60.5004.667P53_TAD (PF08563): P53 transactivation motif
P53 (PF00870): P53 DNA-binding domain
P53_tetramer (PF07710): P53 tetramerisation motif

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