The Literature Text Mining Approach In Cancer Research


We cordially invite you to register for and participate in The Literature Text-Mining Approach in Cancer Research course. This is a new international course sponsored by the Danish Agency of Science as a part of the Israel-Danish collaboration of Dr. Frenkel-Morgenstern and Prof. Jensen. Your participation will open a new chapter in text-mining and Cancer Research (see program). We bring scientists at the cutting edge of the text-mining and bioinformatics to teach students during the four days course with the fully supported accomodation, meals and transportation. Such course, to our knowledge, has not been done before at the Bar-Ilan University, and we hope that it will generate a fruitful interaction between the international students and scientists.

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Lars Juhl Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Conference Coordinator:
Dorith Raviv Shay

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