• Get started with AnnotatorPPI web server

    Sequence Annotate

    When accessing the AnnotatorPPI web server homepage you will see the fields for collecting (annotating) necessary external data, where you will be placing your data.
    Fill up the form with the required data of the DNA sequence. Basically, you can paste your sequences into the text box. Otherwise, you can choose to upload a text FASTA file containing your DNA sequence.

  • Search and verification of Gene information

    Search Gene Info

    In AnnotatorPPI, a gene is defined by name and description from a variety of sources. Therefore genes may be searched by name and/or keywords. Many genes can exist for a given clone, therefore a search for a gene may result in multiple hits for the same gene name.

  • Bulk verification of information

    Bulk Verify Info

    After the annotation information is stored in its own database of AnnotatorPPI - a full list of AnnotatorPPI enries (sorts, i.e., a total name of the clones)
    The table shows the statistics of all sorts. All the clones of the sort are verified by an administrator sign of 'sent'. You can get a list of clones (as 'sort name status.txt' file) for each entry by clicking on the 'LIST' blue button.